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Mobbs' Learning Days

Northampton Saints Foundation invites you to explore the history behind heroic Saint #281 Edgar Mobbs and the Mobbs’ Own.

We believe remembering the individuals who have brought the club to where it is today is vital to the community as well as the club. Alongside our club historians we are proud to share this information and the key facts and findings from our research through a variety of means as listed below.

Assemblies/Talks and Presentations 

Our interactive educational assemblies, talks or presentations are based around Edgar Mobbs and/or the Mobbs’ Own. In order to support your curriculum delivery, we will endeavour to build a package to suit your needs.

School Based or Franklins Gardens Stadium Visit - Edgar Mobbs/Mobbs Own Learning Days 

During their day, students will take part in a rugby session with the club’s community coaches. Following this, dependent on location, there will be a stadium tour (If at Franklins Gardens and subject to Current Safety Guidance) that will incorporate the history of the Northampton Saints with links to the Men of the Mobbs’ Own. Alternatively, students will be involved in an interactive session where they will explore building the timeline of the life of Edgar Mobbs. The day will finish with a team challenge, where students will discover the trail Edgar Mobbs and the Men of ‘D’ company took on their route to the role they played in the First World War.

All the opportunities listed above offer strong links to curriculum themes such as ‘World Wars’, ‘Local Legends’ or 'A Moment in Time' and to further support your curriculum, we can deliver 5 classroom sessions to extend this subject and the broader history to coincide with your day.


Alex Pearson - Teacher of History - Prince William School "I was first introduced to the Edgar Mobbs project through Chris Long, who then put me in contact with Northampton Saints Foundation Education Lead, Liam Welch. From the outset, the passion and enthusiasm towards the project was evident through all communication. Liam discussed the findings of the research and went on to establish links to the school's area of Oundle, as well as to the year 9 curriculum. This not only fostered the student's interest but allowed teaching staff to extend the discussion into the classroom. This was further supported through a variety of resources and information packs, provided by the Foundation. The delivery of the session enthused students and successfully engaged the disinterested learner through links to rugby and the local area. This allowed many students to directly relate to the findings of the research.   Whilst covid-19 did not allow the project to be delivered in the conventional sense, Liam worked effortlessly to identify a solution which would be both meaningful for the students whilst meeting all safety regulations. I look forward to working alongside and engaging with the Northampton Saints Foundations future research projects".

Please contact [email protected] to learn more, or to book your session today.


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