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At Northampton Saints Foundation we are committed to playing our part in creating a more sustainable future. We believe that every small change can make a significant difference, and we are proud to share the steps we have taken so far on our journey toward sustainability.


One of the first changes we've made is in our waste management system, in line with Northampton Saints. We have replaced traditional bins with a food, mixed recycling and waste bin, making it easier for our employees and students to separate and recycle waste. We will also be more mindful of waste and will only print if necessary.

Education initiatives:

Our education team are working in partnership with Northampton Saints Community team to contribute to the community's awareness and understanding of environmental issues. Our team is actively engaged in delivering informative sessions to schools that cover a range of topics, including sharing sustainable practises at home and within school.

Digital impact reporting:

Our annual impact report is now digital which helps to reduce paper consumption which aligns with our commitment to sustainability but also allows stakeholders to access and engage with our impact report more conveniently.

While we are proud of the progress we have made, we understand that sustainability is an ongoing journey. Our commitment to becoming more sustainable is reflected in our dedication to continuous improvement. We are actively exploring additional measures to further make a positive impact on the planet.