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7 ways to practise self care

At Northampton Saints Foundation, we promote the importance of self-care among our staff and young people. Embracing self-care involves various practices that contribute to well-being and happiness.

It's crucial to acknowledge that self-care can take different forms for each individual, we encourage everyone to explore these self-care strategies, tailoring them to their unique needs and preferences, as they pave the way to a healthier and happier life.

Maintain regular physical activity – Just dedicating 30 minutes to daily walking can elevate your mood and enhance your overall health. If you can do this in a natural setting, even better.

Prioritise a balanced, nutritious diet and stay adequately hydrated – What you consume significantly affects your emotional well-being. Be compassionate to yourself in your dietary choices.

Give importance to quality sleep – Adults need 7 to 9 hours whilst children need 9 to 13 hours.

Engage in relaxing pastimes – Activities like painting, drawing, colouring, working on jigsaw puzzles, or building Lego can be incredibly soothing.

Set achievable goals and prioritise them – Accomplishing goals provides moments of achievement and releases positive hormones, boosting your mood.

Practice gratitude – Before bedtime, jot down three things you are grateful for; this simple practice has been proven to improve mood, sleep quality, and overall life satisfaction.

Show self-kindness – Treat yourself with warmth and understanding during challenging moments. Consider whether you would speak to a loved one the way you talk to yourself.