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How to help conquer your fears

Here at Northampton Saints Foundation we strive to Inspire, Support and Educate our young people to be brave and use their inner resources to overcome difficult challenges they may be facing.

On this Youth Mental Health Day 2023, let's celebrate the courage it takes to face our inner battles. Remember, seeking help is a sign of strength and talking about your feelings is a powerful step towards healing.

The fear ladder is a brilliant way to discover or acknowledge any fears or anxieties you may have and unlock new ways to help overcome them. It's also important to find the origin, understanding why it started, was it a learnt behaviour, was there a trauma or were you told something which has created a fear.

Click HERE or on the image below, to download your fear ladder which you can fill in to start your pathway to a happier you.

You've got the strength within you, let's shine together! 

For further mental health support visit:
Young Minds
Action for Happiness

Downloadable resource

Facing your fears