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Ambassador inspires students with goal setting workshops

Students' on the Foundation’s HITZ and Engage Plus programme enjoyed two goal setting workshops ran by Jack Fleckney, Foundation ambassador and adventurer.

Jack’s life has been built on challenges from an early age starting with speech issues, which lead to him struggling at school, family problems left Jack unsettled, his rugby career was short-lived and he lacked direction until an advert for the royal marines changed everything. 

His love of fitness and challenges developed rapidly and once he left the Royal Marines, he opened his own gym but these were not without their challenges too. 

Jacks’ heart-warming honesty and life experiences, gave Foundation students a realistic account of the trials and tribulations that may occur and how to navigate your way through to reach your end goal. 

The interactive workshops began by asking students to find their objective, passion, reason. Jack emphasised the importance of finding what you are good at and distinguishing what you enjoy, which will help to keep you motivated. Many of these included a maths teacher, paramedic and games coder which showcased the ambition of our students. They looked at what they needed to do to achieve their goals then broke it down into smaller goals creating check points, making them more achievable.  

Jack also spoke about fear and how you can help prevent it. He drew on his own experiences telling stories from his trek in the Sahara desert and his 24 hour chin up challenge where he raised over £45,000 for the Foundation. He reassured students that feeling nervous and having self-doubt is perfectly normal and how you can always learn from mistakes to succeed for the future. 

“I always enjoy getting the opportunity to visit the Foundation and students. These students come from so many backgrounds and I have learnt that these talks allow them to tap into their own passions. Not just what is expected of them at school. Seeing them light up when they build a goal based on things they love is what it is all about and I hope I can be a small part of their journey through the Foundation”.

Jack Fleckney, Ambassador

At the end of the session students were tasked with defining one specific action they will do to work towards their goal and left feeling clearer on how they can be achieved. 

We’d like to thank Jack for his continued support, it was fantastic to see our students engaged, inspired, and motivated.

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