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Premiership Rugby Champions

Premiership Rugby Champions is split into three interactive five-week curriculum based programmes - Tackling Health, Tackling Character and Tackling Numeracy.

Using the power of sport and the values of rugby, Premiership Rugby Champions inspires the current generation to learn, get active and discover their inner champion to help grow their self-esteem, raise their aspirations and achieve their potential. 

Each week, children will take part in a one hour of classroom theory with Northampton Saints Foundation and one hour TAG Rugby practical activity with Northampton Saints Community Team.

All programmes are:

  • Aimed at Key Stage two classes, if your school is single form entry, we can work across two year groups or joined year groups
  • Linked to various elements of the national curriculum (science, PSHE and numeracy) and Physical Education, School Sport & Physical Activity
  • Target key indicators of the Sports Premium

Tackling Health

Aims to not only improve understanding of what constitutes healthy eating and a healthy diet in young people, but also aims to teach students about their own health and well-being.

The interactive programme provides practical sessions highlighting the importance of exercise and increasing levels of physical activity plus promotes motivation and enjoyment within physical activity.

Sessions focus on the five key food groups, packaging and nutritional information (traffic lights), the difference in diet and activity between a professional athlete and average adult, whilst also looking at the prevalence of sugar in everyday food and drink items.

Tackling Character

Aims to develop positive character traits by developing knowledge and understanding of rugby's core values, discussing how they are used in both a sporting context and applied in real life situations, as well as looking at how these values can be adapted to become part of a daily routine.

Building on key points as part of the PSHE curriculum, Tackling Character gives students the opportunity to showcase their ability to make a variety of decisions on a weekly basis. 

Do your students have the discipline to react calmly under pressure whilst working effectively as part of a team? If so, your class could be the next Tackling Character Champions!

Tackling Numeracy

The programme aims to prepare young people for their future using themed content that connects with a variety of experiences and offers learners the chance to use and embed their numeracy skills within practical and real-life contexts.

Uses engaging rugby-themed numeracy content to cover and improve upon core skills from all areas of numeracy including number, money, shape, space and measure, using and applying and data handling.  From a pop-up Saints shop with branded merchandise, to designing your own stadium, children will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding and application of the above areas of numeracy to supplement the existing curriculum.

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Premiership Rugby Champions

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